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The African & World Analyst Magazine is published 12 times a year in print and in digital formats. The website features daily analyses of the hot button issues affecting continental and geopolitical Africa, including the outlying island nations in the Indian Ocean—Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles. Issues around the world also come under the scope of the Magazine’s analysis, but its primary focus is Africa. The objective and in depth analyses of the great political and socioeconomic issues of Africa in the Magazine are resources of great value to policy and decision makers in the public and private sectors.  The African & World Analyst is the top go-to for hard hitting, but fair analysis of issues of significant import to Africa and the African.  We accept donations to assist us in covering the operational expenses of running this web site, and to enable us to maintain the independence required for us to do our analytical work unbiased and uninfluenced.


We may be contacted by email at publisher@africanandworldanalyst.com. By phone at +1202 746 7297. And by slow mail at P.O. Box 304, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA 20773.



Matthew Uzukwu, Ph.D, SSBBP.


  • Dr. Uzukwu is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of the African & World Analyst Magazine and the sister website www.africanandworldanalyst.com. He has published several articles both in print and in the electronic media.
  • Matthew Uzukwu is also an Adjunct Professor of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies at Bowie State University, Bowie Maryland, USA. Dr. Uzukwu  was educated at Washington State University, Pullman Washington State; Howard University, Washington DC, where he received an MBA; and  at Walden University Minnesota.  Dr. Uzukwu is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional of the Management and Strategy Institute, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Uzukwu has taught a number of courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including Supply and Production Management, International Business, Quantitative Methods, and Marketing Management.
  • Dr. Uzukwu has several publications in his name, including 7 books (Across Cultures; Out of the Slave Coast; Scammers of the Dictators’ Realm; The Spread of HIV/AIDS In Nigeria in Three Economic Status/Income Level Groups; Women of Steel; Moving Forward: A Biography of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; The Smart Way to Organize a Political Party to Win Elections: A Practical Guide for Politicians and Political Aides). An eighth book, Understanding International Business, Import/Export and Applying the Tools of Operations Management to Succeed is pending publication. Dr Uzukwu contributed to the chapter contents of two other books also used as texts in universities in the USA (The Use of Technomedia For Effective Healthcare Services Delivery and The Implications for Democracy Sustenance in Nigeria; and Media Managerial Practices and Effective Media Coverage of the Electoral Process: The Nigerian Environment).
  • Dr. Uzukwu’s doctoral dissertation on the dynamics of HIV/AIDS on Nigeria’s socioeconomic spectrum classified as upper class, middle class, and lower class was published in 2012. Dr Uzukwu worked in the Government of the city of Washington DC, the great capital of the United States, where he served as an Administrative Hearings Commissioner/Examiner for several years. In 2003, Dr. Uzukwu received recognition for 15 years of meritorious work for the city of Washington DC from the Honorable Anthony Williams, then city Mayor.
  • Dr. Uzukwu is also a corporate trainer, applying his vast experience in academia and in the private and public sectors to train the staffs and senior personnel of various corporations.


Deputy Editor: Idris A Haruna

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Jean Sangoule

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Nikolai S. Yasin

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Eunice Uzukwu, Zereuwa Ebiri